Reads value of certain tag attribute from certain attribute
Identify attribute as first attribute matching ...
HTMLBlock            Full HTML Block (page source code) Required
FindFirstTag_byTag        'a' in link                Required
In addition, you may also provide one of below ...
FindFirstTag_ByName        'name' in a tag Link
FindFirstTag_ByID        'id' in a tag Link
FindFirstTag_ByClass    'class' in a tag Link
The function then will return the value of the attribute in ReturnTagAttributeName for that found tag.

This is a more advanced version of similar ReadHTMLTag

Edit 2023-11-07: Changed names of parameters to describe function more.



Original Work

HTMLBlock, FindFirstTag_byTag, FindFirstTag_ByName, FindFirstTag_ByID, FindFirstTag_ByClass, ReturnTagAttributeName

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